Monday, January 18, 2010

More Handmade Books

I have created a couple of new books. These are "recycle" crafts as the paper inside is blank plain copy type paper that is torn off of a printout at work. They tear the blank part off so there is not so much bulk to file. They were trying to find a way to recycle it instead of throwing it away and of course I said "Let me help you out with that". The covers came from work also. They were 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of cardboard. So I had to make something to prove that I was using it.

For some reason I got a picture in my head of pillow ticking. So I made a background in photoshop to resemble it:

The beauty of Photoshop is that you can now make it any color you want. I made a red book and a blue book.

I made the heart for this book out of kraft paper--the kind that comes on the roll to wrap packages in. This is a staple in my studio! I cut a piece big enough for the project I want and then take it to the sink and wet it. I then crumple the wet paper to give it texture (give it a good squeeze to wring out the excess water). Carefully flatten the wet paper onto a piece of freezer paper or plastic. Pick 2-3 colors of acrylic paint so there will be depth in the finished piece. I use a triagular make-up sponge to apply color (the flat end oposite the point) and I also use a little blending gel or floating medium. This keeps the paint moving and also helps blend different colors. On the heart above I used burgandy paint primarily and then just a touch of black used very sparing to bring out the texture.

Once my paper was dry, I glued a piece to cardstock and then cut out a heart. To add the trim I first poked holes evenly spaced around the edge of the heart and in about 1/4 in. I used crochet thread and blanket stitched around the heart. You could leave it at that, but I like frills and bling so I single crochet around the edge of the heart using the blanket stitch as a base. Once I had gone all the way around I did a little ruffle stich by chaining five and then a single crochet in every third base single stitch. I added a little crochet flower and a button to finish it.

For my little blue book I created the star in a similar fashion except I used some of my husband's gasket material. I had read about using this a while ago and can't remember where, but they had used it as a book cover. You can get this in automotive supply stores and my husband says it's not bad in price, although he doesn't recall how much it runs. To describe this material it is like the kraft paper in a way, but much heavier and stronger. I wet it and purposely tried to tear it and I could not. This has much potential. There was some printing on one side, but I just lightly sanded it and it came off. If you are painting over it you probably don't even need to do that.

I prepped the gasket material the same as the kraft paper. It is a little harder to crumple, but I just did what I could to create texture. I painted this with a brown paint, copper paint and again a little black. Once it was dry I cut out the star. This cuts very easily so no problems there. I then poked holes in a decorative pattern using a large tapestry type needle. I painted the edges with black. I layered a piece of black cardstock creating a mat to give the star a little pop. The center element is made of polymer clay using a mold made from a button.

Hope you give this a try! Thanks for visiting--Denise

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Brenda said...

These are super cute and very effective. Thanks for sharing.