Saturday, March 2, 2013

My latest finished project!

This is a "stash buster" that I started because I wanted a hand project when we went on an Alaska cruise last September.  It is hand quilted using the "quilt as you go" method and everything but the binding was something I already had.  Hooray for that....I have waayy more stuff than I have time to use.  But it is such good "stuff". You know what I mean.

Of course I had lots of help.  J, our black cat, decided that this quilt made a great "cat cave" as it hung off the end of the ironing board while I was putting on the binding.

They both really seemed to like this quilt as they were on it every chance they could get.  Lucky I was keeping it because I don't let them near quilts I make for others.

Really enjoyed this process and probably will incorporate it into other quilts I make, because I actually finished this one.  I think it was because I could sit with my husband and work on it in the evenings while we watched TV.

On to other projects! D