Friday, September 5, 2008

My First Post!

Well, I have been reading many blogs lately and have decided to try my own! I find so much inspiration from everyone's creations and wanted to contribute. I am (I hate to admit it--) a compulsive creator and work in just about any media I can get my hands on. Luckily I have a wonderful, understanding, and supportive husband who somehow puts up with my many artistic adventures (and misadventures) with a great sense of humor.

Just the other day we were remembering the time I called him in a panic because I had managed to melt a page protector on the drum of our brand new Canon photocopier. Whoops! there goes the warranty. It was one time that my thinking outside the box didn't quite work out so well. I am fairly mechanically inclined and I moved the copier into the kitchen to scope out the situation. Could I take it apart and get it back together without anyone but myself being any wiser? I started in but soon I was stuck. I needed to get to a place and I could'nt figure out how to get there. That was when the panic call went out to my husband.

My husband (who is a Diesel Mechanic by trade) came to my rescue and after about an hour of the two of us analyzing, and slowing taking the copier apart we got to the drum and managed to peel the offending plastic off. Of course during this whole process I was wringing my hands and also getting them gently slapped as I kept trying to "help" my husband. (Does anyone else have this problem? You know when you are watching someone do something and you can see what needs to be done and pretty soon your hands have a mind of their own and end up right in the way of the other person.) Amazingly enough, with lots of praying, we got the copier back together(with no extra parts left over) and I have been using it constantly for about 2 years. It is a toner based copier, so I use it for many art projects where I do a gel or heat transfer.

I will be working on posting some pictures of my projects soon.

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Kim said...

Hi Denise - welcome to the Land of Blog , and thanks for the commiseration about the tin issue lol.
I look forward to seeing your work when you can get some posted and I'm so impressed you got your copier working again!